Pick Your Board!

Pregame Setup

Begin by distributing matching marbles and one dice to each player.   Each player will load their marbles at their designated HOME.  Note: Players should sit near their designated HOME on the board. Once the board is set up each player should roll the dice to see who goes first.  The “winner” will be the first player then take turns moving around the board clockwise (or counterclockwise wise – dice roll winner’s choice).


With the exception of the Basic Board, all boards are painted to distinguish each players HOME, START & BASE.  4 Player Boards have 4 player colors, 6 player boards have 6 player colors & 8 player boards have 8 player colors. 

Playing the Game

Each player will take turns, one at a time.  To get marbles in play on the board, the player/ team must roll a 1 or a 6 to bring marbles out of HOME to the START.  If its a 1 the players turn is finished.  If its a 6 the player gets an extra roll (this rule of 6 applies any time during the game).  Once  marbles are in play on the board your objective is to move them from START point back to BASE.  At each turn simply roll and assess your move option/s.  You cannot jump over or land on any of your own marbles. If a player cannot move any marbles then their turn is over. This would be the only reason a player does not get the extra turn when a 6 has been rolled.  A player may only place marbles into their HOME slots by exact count. All spaces must be landed on by exact count and counts cannot be split.  You may jump over an opponents marble when it is your turn.  If a player lands on an  opponents marble,  their marble will be  “bumped” back to their HOME.  Same rules apply when starting the game to come out of HOME (must roll a 1 or a 6 to come out to START).  


When a player lands  on a MAGIC CORNER by exact count then on then that player can move around the MAGIC CORNERS clockwise the number indicated by that [players dice  roll on their next turn.   Any players marbles can be bumped on these spaces .  A player using MAGIC CORNER can exit to any path . 


A player may choose to land (by exact count from a magic corner) you can opt to send your marble to the spot in the center of the board.  You can get bumped on CENTER.   WARNING: A player may only leave CENTER by rolling a 1 to exit to ANY MAGIC CORNER.

Team Modes

The game can also be played 2v2 on our 4 player boards,  3v3 on our 6 player boards or 4v4 on our 8 player boards.  Use these exceptions to normal rules:

Players on a team alternate their turns and can jump over their partner’s marbles and even bump back HOME.  As with the normal rules, you must make a play if you can make a play, so if your only play is to bump your own team’s marble then you must make that play. The first player to get their marbles into their base still rolls on their turn but moves their partner’s marbles instead.  When playing in team mode, a team member can declare before the roll which players they are rolling for and move that players marbles accordingly.

Other Options

Now if all of this is not enough for you, then try out 4’s on any mode Single player or Teams as soon as any player has one marble in the home slot.  When someone rolls a 4 they can trade the position of any other players.  This does not include your marbles at HOME or BASE, only marbles in play on the board.  

Winning the Game

The player or the team with all of their marbles secure in their designated BASE wins!